RYA Manifesto

Defending your Rights 

As the representative voice of boating,  the RYA follows clear principles, set out in the RYA Manifesto, in working to defend your rights of public navigation.

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  • Maintain and promote safe, responsible recreational boating
  • Influence all national legislation that may impact on any aspect of recreational boating or navigational safety
  • Resist national legislation that may adversely affect any aspect of recreational boating and navigational safety, or  that it believes to be disproportionate, ineffective or unenforceable

The RYA believes that the public right of navigation is paramount and is fundamental to these principles.

We cannot take freedom for granted

Recreational boating in the UK has a long established tradition of self-reliance and individual responsibility.

Consequently we continue to enjoy relative freedom to pursue our boating activities, but this freedom cannot be taken for granted.

Today, our coastal waters and inland waterways face increasing pressure from competing commercial, environmental and leisure interests.

In addition, national security, public safety and progressive European and international regulatory issues, together with economic pressures, are more significant in today's political agenda.

For these reasons, it is vital that recreational boating interests are represented effectively to ensure that Government in all its forms takes full account of our activities when balancing competing interests.

Find out more about the work the RYA is doing to defend your rights and promote your interests.

RYA Communications Manager Louise Nicholls talks about why we have produced the RYA Manifesto.


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Article Published: August 19, 2011 11:22

Article Updated: June 27, 2013 8:11


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