Big Wednesday! 

Written by Fynn Sterritt  | 20 March 2013

What can we say about Big Wednesday? Well it was big! The 49erFX girls will be able to testify to that! So will my ribs!

Having got down to the club in time to get out on the water before the wind picked up (or so we thought), we quickly set about getting ready. I believe I remember Nasher suggesting that maybe we should wait until that big black cloud had passed. This suggestion was swiftly withdrawn as the FX girls started launching! (First mistake!)

Anyhow, the plan was to team up with Stu and Twigs just out of reach of the breaking waves, before heading off to work on some bear aways in the comfort of another boat. Being slightly behind the other boys, we soon realised that they had disappeared off upwind without waiting (Second mistake.) No matter!

The first three or so bear aways were steady but unspectacular. Leading us to the conclusion that one more would be a good idea. Not so! Let me explain for those who aren’t educated in the world of 49er sailing that bearing away in order to go downwind puts the boat through a huge power zone where the boat is trying to accelerate. In this case the acceleration combined with the waves was simply pushing the nose of the boat straight into the water leading to a series of abrupt eject manoeuvres round the forestay or in Nasher’s case, into the main and rigging. Again the decision was made to try just once more (Third mistake!)

Now in hindsight the most sensible option, having realized bearing away was a no go, would have been to take the main down and sail in under jib. Instead we decided to surf across the bay to El Cid with the main flogging away and the board half up.

After capsizing above the harbour and trying in vain to get the boat to calm down and obey orders we were rescued by Mr. Asquith and DEEP. Cheers boys! They nursed us into El Cid where we would go pick it up later with Stu and Twiggy. This as it is was another mistake. Upon arrival we were informed that some kind soul had seen us out in the bay and informed the local police we were sinking and injured. Don’t get me wrong; it is good to know people are looking out for you. The main issue was that Stu and Twigs were there to get it all on camera, cheers boys!

Still at least we didn’t embarrass ourselves on the dance floor!

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