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Q & A with 470 sailor Luke Patience & the chance to WIN limited edition Bollé sunglasses

What does a normal training week involve for you?

Surprisingly, we spend a lot of our time onshore. The boats are so precious and very high maintenance that we spend a large amount of time looking after them. With a sport that requires a long duration of concentration every day, we look to have fitness that helps us recover and focus our minds when we are tired, to ensure we continue to make the best decisions. Of course, we also train on the water. Boat speed is everything, the faster the boat, the easier decisions are! We test speed over and over again, making sure we know every type of condition and every sea state well enough that we could do it in our sleep!

How does being aware of protecting your eyes impact you and your sailing?

I must make sure I wear my Bollé Marine sunglasses to protect my eyes every time I am on the water, regardless of cloud cover, as my eyes have been subject to a lot of glare over the years. Bollé has an amazing collection of polarized and anti-reflective lenses that allow me to be protected with clear vision in all conditions, helping me perform to the best of my ability. Wearing sunglasses is something that I have had to get used to because it is not always easy when it’s wet and stormy. However I recognise it’s an absolute must in my sport, and wearing good sunglasses will certainly help my eye health later in life by protecting my eyes now.

Accurate vision is clearly important in sailing, how do you cope with the changing weather conditions?

We must adapt and get used to what Mother Nature throws at us! Bollé sunglasses incorporate the latest technology and offer a range of Polarized and Hydrophobic lenses that we can choose from depending on the conditions presented to us. Conditions may vary throughout the day, with lenses being changed for the extreme low light at sunset right where we are looking for our next gust of wind. The sunglasses help us pick out the tiny contour differences on the water and assist with harsh glare and poor visibility.

Particularly in a key year, you want to be injury free and at your strongest. How do you protect yourself from injury while sailing?

Within the team we all have niggles that we need to keep on top of. With my condition, I need to be extra careful with my eyes. Bollé Marine sunglasses are really important to me as I know they’ll keep my eyes protected. We learn that self-help is often the first port of call, so we learn how to look after ourselves and try not to use the physio too much. I try to be disciplined and to stay alert to any possible problems by stretching and staying agile. We have all sorts of gym equipment we take on tour to help us stay strong.

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