Harry Blowers

Harry Blowers

Date of birth:
09 July 1996
Star sign:
Place of Birth:
Isle Of Wight
Current Hometown:
Gurnard, Isle Of Wight
Shred, Blowers, H
Race class:

First boat you sailed and where?

A keelboat with my Mum and Dad in the Solent when I was 6 months old  

Who got you into sailing?

My Dad  

Favourite boat?


Biggest influence in your career to date?

My Dad  

Your worst moment in sailing so far?

My first event racing off the island in my laser 4.7 and realising how far behind everyone I was  

Your best moment in sailing so far?

Winning two races at the Laser U21 World Championships  

Best sailing venue in the UK?


Best sailing venue in the World?


If you weren’t a professional sailor what else would you be?

I don't know, something active  

How do you progress from a club sailor to an Olympic class sailor?

Work hard, never stop believing in yourself no matter how bad it gets, anyone can do it if they want it enough  

What are your greatest passions outside of sailing?

I've got a few, I enjoy playing football, cycling and eating  

Has injury ever prevented you from sailing?

I injured my ankle playing football once and had to take a month out of the boat  

Most expensive sailing accident?

My Mum's Boyfriend once drove through a height restriction bar in a car park with a laser on the roof, boat got destroyed  

Do you follow any other sports?

Cycling, Football, Boxing, anything that's on TV really !   

Any heroes?

I can think of hundreds of people that I've idolised over the years, in sailing I'd say the biggest are Ben Ainslie and Tom Slingsby   

What other sports do you play?


What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it?

I'd like to do a big cycling trip around Europe with my mates but I think I'd lose to much weight

What word or phrase most depicts your personality?


If you were a pantomime character – who would it be?

I don't know !   

Do you have any lucky charms or rituals?

In Portland harbour in a Westerly I always bang right and it seems to work  

Favourite reality show?

Total wipe out  

And would you go on it?

Yeah !   

Name 3 things that are always in your shopping trolley?

Soya Milk, Bananas and Sugar   

What was the last book you read?

Chris Froome- The Climb   

What would your super power be?

Invisible would be so funny   

What makes you angry?

Doesn't take a lot which is a weakness ! Generally it's people  

Dream holiday?

On a beach or snowboarding   

What is better about football than sailing?


Where do you keep your Olympic medals?  

I'll let you know when I get them! 

Date Event Class Position
Apr 17 Trofeo Princesa Sofía Laser 118
Aug 16 Laser Radial U21 World Championship Laser 42

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