Barrie Edgington

Barrie Edgington

Date of birth:
30 March 1967
Star sign:
Place of Birth:
Current Hometown:
Emsworth, Hampshire
Race class:
RSX (Men)

Can you explain your role within the team?

Two fold, primarily managing the British Sailing Team Podium Potential Programe, particularily helping to transition talented sailors from youth into the Olympic Classes/arena. In additional I'm coach to Bryony Shaw and the RSX Womens team.

How did you get involved with the team?

Firstly as a competitor through the mid to late 80’s, culminating in competing at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics. Then as an RYA staff coach in the build up to Atlanta 1996 Games, I am still here today!

Can you explain what a normal day coaching involves?

My day is slightly different to a standard squad coach as I still need to keep on top my administrative/management duties. Typically the windsurfers are normally at the gym or on road bikes on a typical training day followed by time on the water and a thorough debrief to review the key learning points.

What are the differences in your approach to coaching the Podium Potential (PP) Sqaud to the Podium Squad?

Simply a bigger list of areas to improve at PP level. Podium is often just ‘sharpening the saw’. Both have their own challenges though!

You must work with very driven people 24/7 – what’s your approach?

Working with driven sailors requires more guiding than leading usually with the benefit of full commitment to the goals which makes life very easy.

If someone has underperformed what’s the best way to get him or her back on track?

Reinforce the good bits and strengths and have a clear plan for addressing and changing the weaknesses. All the time remembering that  in sailing the elements don’t always play ball but over 11 races things will even out.

If you weren’t a coach what else would you be?


Best moment in your career so far?

Nick's (Dempsey) bronze medal in Athens and worlds titles in 2009.

What’s your greatest fear or phobia?


What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it?

Travel with the family more.

What’s your worst habit?

Mild OCD so to many to mention.

Name 3 things that are always in your shopping trolley?

Fruit, Salad and chocolate.

What was the last book you read?

The Fantastic Mr Fox to my son.

What’s your favourite boat to sail?

The family Mirror dinghy.

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