Hugh Styles

Hugh Styles

Date of birth:
25 June 1974
Star sign:
Place of Birth:
Current Hometown:
Race class:

Can you explain your role within the team?

Radial Coach

How did you get involved with the team?

As a past Olympian turned coach

How did you start coaching?

Always liked helping people get better

Can you explain what a normal day coaching involves?

Gym, planning, brief, on water training drills, speed work, racing, warm down and recovery, debrief, and then goals

What are the differences, if any, involved in your approach to coaching the Podium Potential (PP) squad to the Podium squad? 

The level of input to the PP sailors is more of a directed role compared to the Podium sailors which is a shaping of their learning process

You must work with very driven people 24/7 – what’s your approach?

I expect to be as driven about their performance as they are, but need to keep the balance and keep it fun, they need to enjoy the experience

If someone has underperformed what’s the best way to get him or her back on track?

Positive reinforcement of their previous performances

If you weren’t a coach what else would you be?

I am an entrepreneur as well as a coach

Best moment in your career so far?

Winning world championships and representing GBR at the Olympic games

What’s your greatest fear or phobia?


What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it?

Sky dive, mountaineering, flying, helicopter pilot

What’s your worst habit?

Working all the time

Name 3 things that are always in your shopping trolley?

Low fat food, porridge, berocca

What was the last book you read? 


What’s your favourite boat to sail?

X40 catamaran / F18

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