Joe Glanfield

Joe Glanfield

Date of birth:
06 August 1979
Star sign:
Place of Birth:
Sutton, Surrey
Current Hometown:
Exmouth, Devon
Race class:
470 (Women)

First boat sailed and where?
I sailed a very strange little dinghy in Exmouth once, but the first boat I sailed properly was a cadet, also in Exmouth.

Who got you into sailing?
My Dad sailed and joined us to the local club. Favourite boat? Has to be a 470.

Biggest influence in your career to date?
My Dad Your worst moment in sailing? At the time coming 4th in Sydney, I am now quite proud of that.

Your best moment in sailing?
Couldn’t say, there are lots tied for the top!

Best sailing venue in the UK?
Lyme Regis

Best sailing venue in the World?
Love Sydney harbour, Dubai was pretty good as well.

Most annoying rule in the sailing rule book?
I don’t get annoyed by sailing rules.

If you weren’t a professional sailor what else would you be?
If sailing had never ‘happened’ for me, I hate to think, but it might not be pretty!

How do you progress from a club sailor to an Olympic class sailor?
Thinking forward, being passionate and believing in yourself.

What are your greatest passions outside of sailing?
My family, where I live and having unpressured, unstructured time.

Do you follow any other sports?

Has injury ever prevented you from sailing?
Touch wood, I have been very lucky so far with injury and illness.

Most expensive sailing accident?
I holed a few cadets when I was young and have snapped a lot of 470 masts.

Any heroes?
Luke Skywalker.

What other sports do you play?
Football and mountain biking.

What football club do you support?
Arsenal of course.

Worst habit?
Ask my wife, she will give you plenty.

What’s your greatest fear or phobia?
Getting to your deathbed and feeling regret.

Favorite reality show?
I am not even answering that. What would you love to do but never have the time or money for it? Long, long trip away with family.

Do you have any lucky charms or rituals?

If you had a theme song what would it be?
Bittersweet symphony – The Verve

Name 3 things that are always in your shopping trolley?
Nappies, bread, milk – wow that’s boring!

What was the last book you read?
Last good book was ‘To Kill a mockingbird’

Dream holiday?
An epic journey/adventure, somewhere warm ideally.

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