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Foiling courses 

Learn to foil with the National Sailing Scheme

New for 2018 and still in its pilot phase, we are excited to announce the introduction of foiling to ourĀ  Sailing Scheme.

The concept of foiling might still be a magical and unbelievable concept, but the reality is that this once niche concept is spreading with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The new courses, starting with a taster (First Flights), enable you to progress from first foiling take off, to sustaining flights and entering the world of foiling transitions.

First Flights

Sustained Flights

Performance Flights

Assumed knowledge
Sailing skills to the standard of RYA Level 2 Basic Skills
Sailing skills to the standard of RYA Dinghy Foiling First Flights
RYA Foiling Sustained Flights
Minimum duration
Approximately 2-4 hours (taster session)
Approximately 2 days, 16 hours or equivalent number of sessions
Approximately 2 days, 16 hours or equivalent number of sessions
Minimum age
None None
Course content
A basic introduction to foiling, equipment and the knowledge required to help you make your first foiling take off
This course increases your confidence and ability in techniques and theory required to foil, steer and sustain foiling effectively. All transitions will be non-foiling.
Concentrating on advancing skills and technique, as well as foiling knowledge, this course builds your confidence in a variety of foiling angles, whilst also developing the skills for the entry and exits into manoeuvres.
Ability after course
First foiling flights
Confidence maintaining and sustaining flight
Performance Flights manoeurvres and techniques

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