Radar instructors 

The radar course is one of the RYA's specialist one-day courses. In order to teach it you must qualify as an RYA radar instructor.

Length of course: 1 day organised centrally by the RYA.


  • The RYA Radar Course certificate
  • An RYA Cruising Instructor, RYA Yachtmaster™ Instructor or Advance Powerboat Instructor
  • Experience in the use of small craft marine radar and knowledge well in excess of the RYA Radar syllabus.
  • Membership of the RYA (or the National Governing Body for your boating activity in your country of residence).

This is a one day combined course and assessment, revising existing knowledge, providing advice for RYA Radar courses and assessing the candidate's knowledge and ability to deliver the RYA Radar course. Candidates must be experienced operators of small craft marine radar for collision avoidance and pilotage in good and poor visibility.

Due to the short time available on this course, there is limited opportunity to develop a candidate's teaching technique or to fill any gaps in knowledge. As such, this course is a blend of assessing the candidate's knowedge, instructing ability and ensuring the structure and standard required of the course is understood. Candidates must therefore ensure they have sufficient underpinning knowledge prior to attending.

RYA Radar Instructor course dates

RYA Radar Instructor course application form

An effective instructor must have credibility with students and a genuine interest and engagement with the subject is essential for this. Questions from students will often stray outdide the core syllabus or be concerned with seeking advice about equipment or situations. Without enthusiasm and a depth of knowledge far above the RYA syllabus, this credibility could easily be lost. It is difficult to quantify in writing exactly what this means but without extensive practical experience of the subject, candidates are unlikely to be successful on this course.

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Article Published: May 19, 2009 13:31

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