Senior instructor training 

The Senior Instructor (SI) is an experienced instructor who has been assessed as competent to organise and manage courses within the RYA's Sailing Scheme.

Senior Instructors are qualified to organise and control group sailing tuition and to supervise and assist instructors. SIs must be confident, competent managers, capable of organising groups of all ages and directing the work of their instructors.

An RYA recognised dinghy/keelboat/mulithull training centre must have a current SI as its Principal or chief sailing instructor, though a Yachtmaster™ instructor may fulfil this role in a keelboat centre.


Candidates must first be an RYA dinghy instructor and must fulfil the following criteria prior to the SI course:

  • Minimum age 18;
  • Dinghy Senior Instructor: At least two years intermittent or one year full time instructing since qualifying as an RYA Dinghy or Multihull Instructor
  • Keelboat Senior Instructor: At least two years intermittent or one year full time instructing since qualifying as an RYA Keelboat Instructor
  • RYA Safety Boat certificate
  • Valid first aid certificate - click here for a list of acceptable first aid certificates.
  • RYA Safe & Fun safeguarding certificate (from 1 April 2015 onwards)
  • Signed recommendation from the Principal of an RYA recognised Training Centre (see G14/05)
  • Sailing ability to at least the standard of RYA Instructor (an assessment may be necessary if sailing ability cannot be adequately demonstrated during the training course).

During the course candidates will be asked to demonstrate that they have sailing ability to at least the standard of an RYA dinghy instructor.

NOTE: Membership of the RYA (or the National Governing Body for your boating activity in your country of residence) is required in order for you to qualify or revalidate as an RYA instructor.


Courses are run on a regional basis with a minimum of six students. Courses are organised through the Regional Coach and staffed by two or more RYA Coach/Assessors. The course may take the form of two weekends (four whole days) and include some material covered prior to the course.


The assessment will be continuous and will be made by at least two Coach/Assessors.

Senior Instructor Workbook

Found in the Downloads section to the right of this page.

The workbook will lead you into the course through the information and exercises on the following pages. It has been created in an editable pdf format, enhancing usability and enabling you to complete sections straight onto the booklet, without having to print first. This offers a more flexible approach, providing the ability to save, re-read and correct should you wish too. The document can then be, emailed, printed or saved on a laptop and brought to the course.

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