First aid and medical 

Approved first aid certificates

The following qualifications require the holder to complete an acceptable first aid course:

  • RYA instructors, trainers and coaches
  • Candidates for Certficate of Competence exams
  • Anyone applying for a commercial endorsement to a Powerboat Level 2 Powerboat Handling or Day Skipper course completion certificate
  • Anyone applying for a commercial endorsement to an Advanced Powerboat course completion certificate (dated before 1 Jan 2005)

Acceptable first aid certificates from 1 April 2013

Unacceptable first aid certificates from 1 April 2013

For any courses not currently accepted, submissions for approval must come direct from the certifying authority and sent to: with a copy of the certificate, full detailed syllabus of the course in  English, confirmation of the course duration, detail of first aid instructor training and how their instructors are qualified, how quality of instruction is assured.

First Aid Instructor training

First Aid Instructor Application

RYA First Aid course syllabus

First Aid Instructor resources

Document Description
Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 update from the Resuscitation Council
Category C medical stores
Requirements for category 2 commercial vessels
AEDs: are they for you? For reference and use as course handout
Medical Questionnaire To be completed by Instructors unable to sign the standard health declaration.
Cold shock and hypothermia  
Dealing with head injuries  

Cold Water Shock

With effect from 1 January 2013, Man Overboard training on all practical courses should include discussion of the dangers of cold water shock for the casualty immediately upon entering the water.

The general teaching points are:

  • You will likely gasp for air, then breath rapidly.
  • Can only hold breath for seconds so protect your airway from waves and spray.
  • Your heart will be working harder, so don’t try to swim, just relax!
  • The effects will be at its worst in the first 30 seconds but will have gone within 3 minutes.

RNLI video on Cold Water Shock for sail cruising: 


RNLI video on Cold Water Shock for motor cruising:  

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