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Training Almanac amendment
Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
Amendments to Exercise and Assessment Questions
IMPORTANT NOTICE Students will not be able to complete the assessments without the update sheet opposite
Assessment Question Update sheet
Amendments to Exercise and Assessment Answers
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If you have spotted an error, please let us know, but first check the current lists of amendments above.
Shorebased Packs Feedback Form


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Moire Light & Highest Astonomical Tide What is a Moire Light and
how to work out Highest
Astronomical Tide (HAT)
for secondary ports
Electronic Chart Plotter FAQs  
Images from the Essential Navigation and Seamanship course book:
Images from pages 3 to 10

Images from pages 10 to 16

Images from pages 20 to 26

Images from pages 18 to 28

Images from pages 28 to 34

Images from pages 31 to 38

Images from pages 39 to 45

Images from pages 45 to 47

Permission to use the
following images is granted only to RYA qualifed instructors working at RYA
recognised training centres.
Anyone else wanting to use
one or more of these images must seek prior approval from RYA Training.



Guidance for SRC examiners (revised)
Summary of changes with effect from 2 January 2014
CEPT Regulations
SRC Assessor payment details

SRC update and progress report

Sent to all SRC training centres and Assesors - June 2014

Training radios and simulators for SRC courses

SRC ePack Voucher

Terms and Conditions: can be copied into your email to students instead of posting the voucher.

SRC application form

For use with new SRC and e-SRCP packs as notified in TG 22-16

SRC payment form

For use with new SRC and e-SRCP packs as notified in TG 22-16



Radar simulator



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RYA National Sailing Scheme and Youth Sailing Scheme Who teaches what? 
Start Racing Syllabus
Intermediate Racing Syllabus  
Advanced Racing Syllabus  
Guide to Running Practical Sessions General principals for running practical sessions
Sailor Clinic Improver Cards Cards providing inspiration and instruction on running dinghy improver clinics
Sailor Clinic Racing Cards Cards providing inspiration and instruction on running dinghy racing clinics



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Which kit? Advice on appropriate teaching equipment



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Course information: Start Motor Cruising and Advanced Pilotage
Information and syllabuses for the new courses being piloted


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Start Sailing and Basic Skills courses Course information and syllabuses



Guidance notes for centres applying for Tender Operator/Intermediate/Advanced Powerboat recognition  
Avoiding and mitigating the effects of a hook Guidance to Powerboat Instructors
Letter to Adv Powerboat Insts; Powerboat Trainers and Principals PAI commercial endorsement
Letter to all Powerboat Training centres December 2012 Intermediate and Advanced Powerboat course, instructor and vessel requirements
RYA Guidance for Passenger Safety on Small High Speed Commercial Craft  
Converting Yachtmaster Instructor (Power) to Powerboat Instructor  



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Who teaches what? Powerboat and Personal Watercraft Schemes


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Superyacht Watersports Code of Practice A voluntary code of practice for watersports in the superyacht industry


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Inland Waterways Crew Course Information and syllabus for the new course

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