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Coaching from a powerboat Effective use of a powerboat for on water training and coaching

Children's games ideas (1)

Children's games ideas (2)

Children's games ideas (3)

Ideas for games to help teach dinghy sailing skills
Short guide to questioning Questioning techniques from the RYA Racing Department
Guide to running practical sessions General principals for running practical sessions
Sailor clinic improver cards Cards providing inspiration and instruction on running dinghy improver clinics
Sailor clinic racing cards Cards providing inspiraion and instruction on running dinghy racing clinics
Various video training clips

National Sailing and Windsurfing Land drills - RYA Method Land Drill video clips, which have been put together as a teaching aid and resource to be used alongside other RYA course and instructor training material.

Creating a coaching conversation A presentation for ALL instructors, coaches, trainers and examiners outlining the skills and techniques required to create a coaching conversation, covering a model brief, task and review.
Reviewing techniques

Teaching or coaching someone a specific skill or knowledge set can vary greatly depending upon the complexity of the skill and the context in which it is being taught as well as many other factors.  RYA Training is designed to enable instructors, trainers and coaches to break down skills and information effectively and to ensure their trainees are best able to absorb the required information and succeed in the task being taught.


The following 'making a cup of tea' video clips are intended to demonstrate basic techniques of briefing, the task itself and effective reviewing techniques. This very simplistic example can be translated into far more complex scenarios once the instructor has grasped the basic concept of the 'coaching conversation'.

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Article Published: November 27, 2012 15:14

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