Training Guidance 

Training Guidance is often issued to support a Training Notice. Guidance may give details about how a Notice is to be implemented. Training Guidance may also be issued independently of a Training Notice, in order to update policies or procedures.

Issued Applies
Current RYA Recognition Guidance Notes February 2014 All RYA recognised training centres


Latest guidance

Title Issued Related Notice Applies to
TG23-17 Changes to the delivery of windsurf tuition up to Intermediate level Aug 2017  TN18-17

RYA training centres recognised to run windsurfing courses,

Windsurfing Trainers, Windsurfing Instructors and Centre Inspectors 

TG22-16 Revised SRC pack contents and exam paperwork
 Dec 2016

RYA training centres recognised to run Short Range Certificate exams

SRC Assessors

TG21-16 New Coastal Skipper/ Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased packs
 Nov 2016

RYA training centres recognised to run shorebased navigation courses

RYA Shorebased Instructors

TG 20-16 Agents acting for RYA Recognised Training Centres
Oct 2016
  Principals of RYA Recognised Training Centres
TG 19-16 Removal of tidal/non-tidal and coastal/inland distinction from RYA Sailing, Windsurfing and Powerboat instructor training qualifications
Sep 2016

RYA Coach Assessors, Windsurfing Trainers and Powerboat Trainers


RYA Instructors, Centre Principals and Inspectors in the Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing and Powerboat Schemes

TG 18-16 Additional waterbases under one RYA recognised training centre Feb 2016 n/a Recognised training centres offering the dinghy, windsurfing, powerboat and personal watercraft schemes
TG 17-15 Use of RYA logo

Dec 2015

n/a Recognised training centres and instructors

TG 16-15 Criminal records checks Nov 2015 n/a  
TG 15-15 Using ePacks Nov 2015 TN 08-15 ePacks available for SRC courses Marine Radio SRC training centres
TG 14-15 Guidance for major incident planning (Revised)
Mar 2017   RYA recognised training centres and affiliated clubs
TG 13-15 Guidance on the application of the RYA Equality Policy to RYA training schemes for candidates with disabilities Aug 2015   RYA recognised training centres, centre inspectors, examiners, coaches and trainers
TG 11-15 Safeguarding training for instructors in the sailing and windsurfing schemes

Mar 2015

TN 05-14 Safeguarding course requirement for instructors in the sailing and windsurfing schemes

Dinghy Coach/Assessors, Windsurfing Trainers, centres running dinghy, multihull, keelboat or windsurfing instructor/senior instructor training

TG 10-14 Guidance Notes for ICC test centres - revised
Dec 2014 TN 06-14 ICC changes to eligibility ICC test centres and approved testers
TG 09-14 Clarification of eligibility for commercially endorsed RYA Certificates of Competence Oct 2014 n/a Training centres running powerboat or cruising courses for potential commercial skippers
TG 08-14 New Training Chart Plotter Oct 2014 n/a Shorebased training centres and instructors
TG 07-14 New shorebased course packs Oct 2014 n/a Shorebased training centres and instructors
TG 06-14 Tender Operator Course Syllabus - removed: syllabus now included in G20 Powerboat Handbook Sep 2014 TN 04-14 New Tender Opertor Course Powerboat training centres and Advanced Powerboat Instructors
TG 03-14 Kill cords safe practice Apr 2014 n/a All users of outboard powered boats at RYA training centres
TG 04-14 Avoiding and mitigating the effects of a hook Feb 2014  n/a  Powerboat Instructors
TG 02-14 SRC Practical assessment guidance for examiners Jan 2014 TN 01-14 Marine Radio Short Range Certificate course changes SRC training centres and assessors
TG 01-14 Summary of SRC changes Jan 2014  TN 01-14 Marine Radio Short Range Certificate course changes  SRC training centres and assessors


Guidance from other organisations

Document Applies to
MAIB guidance on small high speed craft operators Powerboat centres and instructors
HM Revenue and Customs advice on tax for sports businesses and coaches Centre principals/owners
Food Standards Agency advice on food hygiene All training centres providing food on courses


Older guidance

Title Issued Related notice Applies to
TN 01-13 Prop guards  Feb 13   Recognised training centres 
Writing operating procedures  Aug 11    Principals and chief instrucrors 
Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety for guests on superyachts     Personal Watercraft centre principals, instructors and trainers
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Instruction videos

User instructions

Frequently asked questions
    Powerboat, cruising and inland waterways training centres
SMART action plans     Instructors, coaches and trainers
Managing challenging behaviour     Instructors, coaches and trainers
Assessments for students with special educational needs or learning difficulties     Shorebased instructors
Dinghy entrapments     Dinghy training centres and instructors
Equipment for pleasure vessels     Cruising training centres
Life jacket and buoyancy aid policy     All
Training/coaching risk assessment     Principals and instructors