ICC & CEVNI test centres 

The International Certificate if Competence is issued in conformity with Resolution No. 40 of the Working Party on Inland Water Transport.

The ICC is required by many European countries for certain categories of pleasure boat. It is also useful in countries where compulsory certificates are required of nationals simply because officials expect to see such a certificate. See 'Boating Abroad' for further details.

Applicants requiring a certificate valid for inland waters must pass a written test on the CEVNI rules (European Inland Waterways Regulations). This is a multiple choice test based on the rules laid out in the book European Waterways Regulations (order code G17).

Who can run tests for the ICC and CEVNI?

RYA recognised training centres and affiliated clubs can run ICC and CEVNI tests, but must first read and comply with the conditions in the Guidance Notes for ICC Test Centres below. Some organisations and testers may need to apply to the RYA prior to offering these tests.

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Guidance Notes for ICC Test Centres

How to apply for an ICC

ICC application form

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Article Published: May 19, 2009 13:30

Article Updated: July 18, 2017 16:53


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