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Hire and Charter 

Day boat hire and boat charter offers boating on your terms, whenever and wherever you want it.

Hiring and chartering boats offers boating on your terms, exactly when and where you want it. Companies offer a wide choice of location and types of boats such as day sailing and launch hire around the UK rivers and lakes, to yacht and powerboat charter around the coast and overseas.

Companies or authorities may require proof of competence to hire, others are happy if you have experience, it really depends on where and what you hire. However, charter companies will know the local requirements and let you know what is required. If you do not have experience, or if you do not want the hassle of skippering, many can provide a skipper for all or part of the time.

When venturing outside the UK, you may be required to provide some proof of competency such as the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

BMF Leisure Boating (BMFLB) is the trade association that represents the marine Training, Charter and Holiday industry. Have a look at the BMF Leisure Boating website to find out what they have to offer.

The British Marine Federation website has a search engine which may help to find the type of opportunities you require.

Explore over 4,000 miles of canals, rivers and lakes on the British waterways.