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There’s no greater thrill than skimming across the surface of the water with friends or new found windsurf buddies.

Get Afloat - Windsurfing - #FirstSteps

Get Afloat - Windsurfing #ChasingTheWind

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Is it for me?

If you fancy trying a sport which gives you a whole body workout whilst at one with the wind and the water, windsurfing is for you. From wave riding to freestyling or just blasting as fast as possible, all you have to do is strap your kit to your car and meet up down the beach.

How can I try it?

To give it a go find your nearest RYA Training Centre as many offer taster sessions for little or no cost.  Despite the name, RYA Push the Boat Out each May includes windsurfing too!

Why not start your windsurfing adventure on a hot beach holiday? There are plenty of companies that offer great breaks with windsurfing and watersports included in the deal.

RYA Training is the quickest and easiest way to learn and improve. The RYA's National Windsurfing Scheme and Youth Windsurfing Scheme will take you through the basics and beyond so you’ll soon be blasting across the water like a pro.

If you’re a student check out the Student Windsurfing Association (SWA) to find out what’s going on near you.  There could also be local windsurfing clubs and groups in your area that meet up when the conditions are looking good, try searching on Facebook.

RYA Team15 provides weekly low cost sessions for under 16’s to get out on the water and learn to windsurf with their mates.

How much does it cost?

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any kit.  Boards, rigs and wetsuits can be hired from any windsurfing school whether on the sea, reservoir or lake.

Although brand new kit can be pricy, you can pick up a bargain!  Talk to the people where you hire as they may have advise on the right kit for you and reduced ex-hire kit for sale.  Once you have your own kit then the cost of riding the wind and waves is absolutely free so go for it!

Not quite right for you - how about...

Small boat sailing

Small Boat Sailing

Small boats come is a range of sizes and shapes to suit every budget (from dinghies and catamarans to keelboats). They can be sailed by people of every age and ability and are a really fun social way to get afloat for the day.

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