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The ICC and Evidence of Competence Abroad 

As the skipper of a vessel, you must ensure that you are aware of any requirement for evidence of competence before venturing into another country's jurisdiction.

Evidence of Competence Abroad
Why do I need it?
What is the ICC?
Find out more about what the ICC is, its uses and limitations.
Acceptance of the ICC
Whether evidence of competence is required or the ICC is recommended.
Who can get an ICC from the RYA?
Find out if you are eligible to apply and how to demonstrate your competence.
Applying for or renewing an ICC
How to apply for your first ICC and information about the renewal process.
The ICC Assessment
Prove your competence to obtain an ICC without having to attend an RYA training course.
Boating inland and CEVNI
Passing the ICC CEVNI test is required if you need an ICC valid for inland waters. Find out about the test and where you can take it.
Chartering Abroad
Guidance about evidence of competence when chartering abroad.
Certificate Translations
Translations of RYA certificates and syllabi are available for you to download in case these prove useful when boating abroad.

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ICC application form

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ICC renewal form

PDF, 200 KB

Using your ICC

PDF, 190 KB

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