Marine Conservation Zones 

RYA working to ensure that recreational boating's interests are considered.

The RYA is broadly supportive of the aspiration for ‘clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas.

At the same time however, we are working to minimise the potential impact of MCZs on the navigational rights and safety of recreational boaters.

We have been involved in all four of the English Regional Stakeholder Groups (RSG) and continue to work with stakeholders and the Dept. for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

RYA Northern Ireland, RYA Scotland and the Welsh Yachting Association are engaging directly with the Marine Protected Area (MPA) process in their respective countries with support from RYA HQ.

The RYA wants to achieve

  • Minimise the impact of management measures introduced in MCZs that do not satisfy the criteria outlined below.

The RYA has successfully

  • Ensured that the Marine and Coastal Act 2009 provided that the navigation rights and safety of recreational boaters may be taken into account in the selection and designation of MCZs. 
  • Ensured that a number of important safe havens around the coast were not put forward as a Reference Areas in which many boating activities might be restricted. 

RYA position

  • The potential economic or social consequences should be taken into account when considering whether to designate an MCZ.
  • MCZs should be no larger than required to protect the identified habitats and wildlife features.
  • Protection measures should only be applied to recreational craft activity if sound scientific evidence confirms that the protected habitat or wildlife feature and such activity cannot reasonably co-exist. Any measures should be proportionate.
  • Protection measures should not be considered until voluntary measures have been shown to be unsuccessful.
  • Areas in which protection measures are applied should be clearly identifiable from navigational materials e.g. charts, pilot books and/or almanacs.

Read more on Marine Conservation Zones.

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Article Published: September 06, 2011 11:11

Article Updated: February 11, 2015 9:35


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