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Border controls 

The RYA is representing boating interests as negotiations get underway on the shape of future border controls for recreational boats entering or leaving the UK.

The RYA has worked with the UK Government over many years to ensure that any plans it may propose for greater control of the UK sea border take account of recreational boating activity.

As the Government clarifies its intentions for after the UK leaves the European Union, the RYA will continue to engage with Ministers and officials to minimise any adverse impact or unintended consequences for recreational boaters and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The RYA wants to achieve

  • A system that is simple to understand and to comply with irrespective of whether recreational boaters are entering or leaving UK territorial waters, should the Government choose to enhance controls at the UK sea border

The RYA has successfully

  • Argued that, to be effective, any sea border security programme must be simple and have the support of recreational boaters and so needs to embrace rather than alienate the recreational boating community.

The RYA position

The RYA believes that any future system of border control should not place unduly onerous or disproportionate restrictions on recreational boaters’ freedom of navigation.


The RYA is maintaining its regular dialogue with the Home Office and Border Force, as well as other relevant departments and agencies, to ensure that its position is taken into account by policy-makers.

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