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Marine licence: Fee structure 

RYA raised concern that current MMO licence fees were not proportionate or appropriate

Since 2014 a marine licence has been required for all maintenance dredging activites.  

This includes activities involving a deposit or removal of a substance or object below the mean high water springs mark and in any tidal river to the extent of the tidal influence

The RYA believes that the fees charged for marine licences are disproportionate to the type of small scale dredging that will be undertaken by clubs.

The RYA wants to achieve

  • Fees that are proportionate to the risk and scale of activity proposed in the application.
  • More tiers in the licence fee structure to accommodate works between £10,000 and £1,000,000.  

RYA has successfuly

  • Raised the issue of disproportionate licence fees with the MMO and ensured the fee review resulted in a fairer and more proportionate licensing fee structure.

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