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    Environmentally Friendly Moorings 

    Environmentally friendly moorings, or eco moorings, are mooring systems designed to have less impact on the sea bed than conventional swing moorings. They aim to minimise interaction with the seabed to prevent abrasion and therefore the potential to damage sensitive habitats.

    Projects and Trials

    The map below shows the locations of trials and EFMs that we have been made aware of. Trials of EFMs for use as vessel moorings have taken place in areas including Lundy, Helford River, Mylor Yacht Harbour, Cawsand, Salcombe, Torbay (Fishcombe Cove, Brixham), and the Isle of Man. Trials of EFMs as marker buoys have also taken place at Studland. While a few failures have occurred, there have been many successful trials, some of which have been running for a number of years. For example, three EFMs have been in operation in Lundy since 2004. 

    If you are involved in a trial, or use an EFM that is not listed here, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page to add the details to our dataset. 

    Types of EFM

    Moorings generally comprise three main parts, the anchor, the link (or rode) and the float. Some EFMs comprise all three, others focus on individual constituents, particularly the rode. There is no ‘one size fits all’ EFM. The suitability of the components chosen vary depending on local factors including water depth, tidal range, and wave energy. Early successes for EFMs were noted in Australia and the USA, but initial designs did not necessarily translate straight across the differing (environmental) scenarios in the UK. However as time has gone on, and new products and adaptations made, there are now EFMs that are suitable for swing moorings in many UK locations. 

    Ecomooring rodes or complete products include:

    Anchor types include:

    Future requirements

    Moving forward, larger-scale trials are needed in the UK. 

    Submission Form for EFM Information

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