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Dear Editor 

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Dear Editor

Thank you for a most interesting and informative newsletter.

I wonder if you can help me, I find that in some Marinas we visit the power we get from the visitors pontoon sockets is only enough to power the internal lights and will not allow the water heater to be switched on.

I am sure you appreciate that the main reason we want shore power is so we can have constant hot water. The comment going around our cruising fleet is that the Marina operators include electricity in the berthing fee but cut the amperage available down so the demand is low.

Can you comment on this or point me in the right direction for my query.?

Mike Baker

Stuart Carruthers Cruising Manager replies

My immediate thought is that you should ask the marina operator why there is limited amperage on visitor pontoons, however, more than likely it is because the pontoon supply capacity and cable sizes are only capable of providing limited demand and was only ever intended to supply battery chargers, automatic bilge pumps etc. for short periods. Such usage is small and therefore can be included in the visitor fee.

It might be that the marina staff in the can move you to a vacant berth with better supplies that will enable you to power up water heaters etc., but there is likely to be a metered charge for this.

I hope that this is of some help

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Article Published: February 27, 2013 12:36

Article Updated: September 04, 2013 11:18


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