It was so breezy that most of the regulars took one look at a forecast predicting 42 knot gusts and decided to stay in bed.

Nevertheless a small dedicated group turned up on the morning to check if the forecast was accurate. Surveying the white caps on unnaturally blue water (the council had put dye in the lake to inhibit weed growth) a discussion broke out as to whether to repeat last year’s one week postponement or go for it. Four sailors said they were prepared to sail so it was decided to go ahead. (24 to 34 are a normal entry for this series)

In 22 knots of wind the first race got under way with Darren Nield’s Laser ( Elton SC) steaming off into the lead followed by Tony Critchley‘s Supernova ( Bolton SC). Floundering a little behind in his first ever go in a Supernova was Paul Harris  ( great day to try out a new boat!) and Tony Dent in a Phantom (both Southport SC) 

Darren disappeared behind the island and failed to re appear until well after Tony’s Supernova. From then on it was a two horse race and just as it looked as if Darren would have it in the bag he dismounted his steed within sight of the finish. He staged a quick recovery but was still beaten by five seconds on handicap. The second Supernova and Phantom failed to finish.

Whilst lunch was eaten the anemometer started showing gusts of over 30 knots. Darren and Tony still went out for a second instalment. It took a working party to get Darren’s Laser rig in place, whilst Tony Critchley reached up and down waiting.

Eventually just as the start was going to happen Tony was blown over and his mast penetrated deep into the lake mud,  leaving Darren to sail two laps and win the race and the event. Nobody was prepared to go out for a third race!

Southport S C volunteers did a great job of running the event, despite the weather. The weather was unfortunate but alas that is the nature of our sport, we wouldn’t want to be inside playing badminton.