The riders go head to head, “duelling” against each other, and the elements, trying to clinch more points than their opponents. Showcasing the biggest manoeuvres they can pull off, all in the pumping surf break at Fistral Beach.

Riders are awarded points for two types of manoeuvres each counting for 50% of their score – Surf Manoeuvres and Tricks (aerial manoeuvres).  

Surf Manoeuvres

A surf manoeuvre is completed either on the wave, on top of the wave or with the momentum of the wave.

In order to score in this category you have to be in the wave using the power of the wave for the manoeuvre, not in front of the wave using throttle power.  

A trick completed in the wave provides a ‘surf score’ with score rates higher than those for straight surfing. In the surf section riders will also be judged on the way they move in the wave; do they go down, up, down (similar to surfing) and are they using the wave in its entirety, meaning how long is the rider using one wave. 

They will also be judged on their flair and skill.

Tricks (aerial) Manoeuvres

There are a maximum of 10 points for this category, counting towards 50% of the final score.

These are manoeuvres are done with the assistance of the wave, where the wave acts as a ramp or jump for the ski and rider to do an aerial trick or hop.

In order for a trick to count riders must have one hand on their ski  If the rider lands a trick without at least one hand on the bars they will score zero.  

Judges look for clean landings, difficulty and amplitude, all of which will gain the rider a higher rated score.  

Check out the action on Fistral Beach from 11am – 4pm on both days.  

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