RYA Scotland can confirm that the Focus Club Support Programme shall stay open for new applications until Monday 24th April 2017. This shall give any clubs who were unable to complete the Note of Interest and Clubs First Tool over the Easter break the opportunity to do so.

The main benefit of being part of the programme is the direct support from one of the Regional Development Officers and there has been an average increase of over 20% in active membership across the clubs we have worked with. However, some of the other benefits, as fed back from the clubs involved, have included:

  • Helping to provide "new energy" into the club and committees
  • "Given direction" and "brought their experience" when looking at potential issues and possible solutions, including what others have tried
  • "Brought us together as a team rather than individuals"
  • Made us realise we are "actually doing okay"

The programme is open to all affiliated clubs in Scotland regardless of their size, location or the disciplines offered at the club.

If anyone would like an informal discussion on this then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Further information is also available by clicking here