Visitors to our stand at the 2016 London Boat Show picked up a copy of the latest edition of the RYA Safety Advisory Notice.

Compiled for the leisure boater and first launched in 2014, the Safety Advisory Notice offers a simple digest of critical safety issues – including those that have arisen from incidents in the past year.

Reviewing the Notice annually enables the RYA Safety Advisory Group to examine safety concerns throughout the year and consolidate any lessons learnt.

The newly refreshed third edition focuses on six key topics: keeping a good look out, checking the size and fit of personal floatation devices, wearing appropriate footwear, effective use of radar reflectors, correct use of VHF, and anchoring safely.

The 2016 edition builds on the advice in the first and second editions of the Safety Advisory Notice, which covered a broad range of topics from the use of kill cords and prop guards, alcohol and boating, carbon monoxide poisoning, to the proper registration of EPIRB and PLBs, and weather forecasts.

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