Gordon Perry, co-author of the RYA Knots, Splices & Ropework Handbook, sadly passed away over the Christmas period following a period of illness.  

Gordon, who had been tying knots professionally and as a hobby for over 60 years, had been an RYA author for over seven years.  

His early learning was developed while shrimp and weed trawling, together with lobster fishing off the north coast of Kent with his father. Joining the Royal Navy at HMS Ganges as a boy in 1954, he went on to make it a full time career, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 1994.  

From being shown the art of decorative knotting by the bosun’s yeoman in his first ship, he has continued to make knotting and ropework a lifelong passion.  

A longstanding member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, Gordon was a past Editor of “Knotting Matters” and was also the Guild Librarian, as well as appearing on radio and television programmes and giving many talks and demonstrations.  

Once retired, Gordon kept busy doing commercial and bespoke knotting, splicing and ropework, as well as flying and smallbore rifle shooting. He was awarded the MBE in 1992.  

“We have enjoyed working with Gordon over the years and his skill and knowledge in the art of knot tying was something to admire.  He will be sadly missed and we offer our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family”, commented RYA Publications Manager, Steen Ingerslev.