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RYA Technical department issues new yacht stability listings 

Whether you are in the market for a new or second hand yacht or are responsible for coding a yacht under the MCA SCV Code of Practice, it s important you know what the stability figures are for the yacht in question, how stability is measured and how it affects the suitability of different designs for different conditions of wind, waves and loading.

A yacht s stability data, on a theoretical level, essentially tells you how difficult it is to push a yacht over, how far you would have to push it before it carries on rolling on its own - until inverted, and, if inverted, how readily it will roll back upright. Seen in such stark terms, it is important information for all owners or prospective owners.

The RYA Technical Department has simplified the task of comparing and understanding this data with the publication of a new list of the stability data of over 350 models of ballasted monohull yachts, and an accompanying explanation of stability standards.

The stability data is provided free of charge on the RYA website. It should also be published by all manufacturers in the yacht s owner s manual if they are selling their craft in the EU; although according to Ken Kershaw, the RYA s Technical Manager, this critical data is not always arranged to leap out at all yacht purchasers:
It can sometimes be difficult for owners or prospective owners to get hold of stability information, so we felt there was a need to provide this data for as many yachts as we can in a one stop shop format .

The monohulls covered in the list range in length overall or load line length from 6 metres to 24 metres with the Swan 82 as the largest. Other yachts included are the Jeppersen designed range of X Yachts, as well as the Jeanneau and Beneteau ranges. Other manufacturers in the listing include Elan, Etap, Northshore Yachts and Hunter Boats.

View the RYA Stability Listing

Please also see, Monohull ballasted sailing yacht stability , which provides a basic introduction to the methods of measurement and standards; and the Stability data introduction page.

A more detailed explanation of stability for all types of recreational craft, including powerboats, is given in the RYA booklet G23, available to buy now at 4.95 from the RYA Webshop.

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Article Published: May 19, 2009 12:19

Article Updated: June 11, 2013 15:04


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