Update on Project Windsurf UK 

Important information regarding the social network Project Windsurf UK

From Wednesday 5 August 2015 the Project Windsurf UK network has closed.

The closure reflects that the technology and functionality of Project Windsurf UK has been largely superseded by other free platforms which are more accessible and require less administration.

Due to the increased costs of the platform it is no longer sustainable in its current form.

We are in discussions with the small number of active groups to move to other social media platforms that provide a similar service with no cost.

In due course we will publish, on this page, links to the new forums, groups or platforms that are created.

If you wish to talk to someone at the RYA about this change, or setting up a new group please contact gina.lindholm@rya.org.uk in the first instance.

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Article Published: August 05, 2015 9:41

Article Updated: August 05, 2015 12:38


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