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Immersion Test & Microdive 

It is a mandatory requirement to have an annual immersion test if you are racing in a restrained/safety cell (closed cockpit) craft. This applies particularly to circuit and offshore racers.

The immersion test is valid for 14 months from the date of successful completion. 

If you are racing a Super Licence class, you will require a copy of a UIM Immersion Test Certificate, which will be issued by the RYA Powerboat Racing Department.

New competitors are also required to either take the basic Microdive qualification as well as their immersion test in order to be issued with an RYA Powerboat Racing Licence. If an acceptable current diving qualification is already held by the competitor then this maybe accepted instead of the Microdive course. Please discuss your diving qualification with either Osprey or Andark when you book your test.

Existing competitors will either have to undergo an annual Microdive refresher assessment or show acceptable evidence that they have participated in diving activity in the last 12 months.  

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