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Training Process 

Powerboat Officials Training Process

  1. Potential Trainee officials should return their registration forms to the RYA Powerboat Racing Department.
  2. Trainee Officials will need to view the published calendars and indicate which events they can attend or advise any dates that they will not be able to attend.
  3. The Powerboat Racing Department will send the following documents to the trainee official:
  4. *  Confirmation of your registration

    * Pre-Training Official Assessment Test

    * Training Day Information Document

    * Student copy of training syllabus

  5. The Powerboat Racing Department will contact the event host clubs or an existing official and make a request for you to attend, to start or carry on with officials training. The department will then advise you of the dates and provide you with the contact details of the person who will be overseeing your training event. 
  6. You will need to directly make contact with the each individual to confirm your attendance and any other information such as  location and meeting time etc.

    Please be advised that only some clubs are able to help with accommodation or travel expenses and this will need to be discussed directly with them. You should be prepared to make your own financial investment in your training.

  7. The trainee official must study the relevant rule book and submit their pre-training assessment theory paper to the RYA at least 14 days prior to their first event so that we can ensure it is reviewed and sent to your first trainer for information purpose.
  8. Trainee's must participate and pass the theory and practical elements of the officials training course to the satisfaction of the Instructor including the written theory test.
  9. Your trainer must completed the training record and return it to the RYA Powerboat Racing Department with the final endorsement once its fully completed. All documentation (including the completed theory test should be returned to the RYA Powerboat Racing Department who will retain the records for each trainee
  10. The RYA Powerboat Racing department will acknowledge receipt of official training and issue an Officials licence to the successful trainee
  11. Refresher Officials training courses will be tailored to meet the individual applicant's abilities and past experience. if and official has been absent from active duty in the previous 5 years then they must undergo the full training course. The refresher content will vary and each trainer will assess and decide how many more training sessions are needed an advise the RYA if they are of the opinion that the individual is ready to be re-instated. The theory test must be incorporated to refresher training as a minimum along with at least 1 practical demonstration under supervision. Knowledge of the current rules and their application is paramount as well as matters of safety and responsibilities.
  12. Training is valid for a period of 2 years and trainee official must apply for a licence and carry out active duties in this time.

The RYA Powerboat Racing Department will run some intense 1-day courses in the future that will concentrate on rules, application of rules, process, expected conduct and paperwork processing which will count towards 2 of your required training signatures. The groups will be small and will be held should there be a demand for them.

Please be aware that the location of this training will be in Hamble RYA HQ

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