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Non - Slip Seating Aid 

doubled seating padPatient Handling UK

The Non Slip Seating Aid provides a support system for people with restricted lower limb function. It is a portable cushion which can be used in a boat, wheelchair, chair or bed. The user can be aided to the optimum seating position in the boat and the non slip properties of the cushion prevent the user from sliding forward down the seat.

Additional Information:

The Non Slip Seating Aid is a doubled seating pad, 45 cm. wide and 43 cm. from front to back. It is manufactured from an outer textured rubberised non-slip fabric with an inner woven locking fabric. The cushion is washable and works well in the sailing environment. It carries the CE mark.

Price: £49.95 plus carriage
Availability: From stock
 Type:  Commercial
Address: 2 East Court
LE15 7FH
Tel: 0800 083 6071
 Mobile:  07917 336 396

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