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RYA Sailability offer grants to sailing clubs across the UK.

RYA Sailability seeks to promote sailing for people with a disability by encouraging organisations to provide facilities, training, and programmes that increase participation in sailing.

Grants may be available to assist in developing the participation of disabled people in sailing and are provided under the following headings:

1. Volunteer recruitment

2. Training

3. Provision for disabled children and young people

4. Equipment provision

5. Grants for minor activities (Small Grants Programme)


Please see the 'downloads' link for a copy of the Grant Application guidelines and appliaction form.


If you have any queries please contact Lorna Conder, RYA Sailability Project Assistant on 023 8060 4271 or via email at


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Article Published: June 09, 2009 15:49

Article Updated: June 10, 2013 16:18


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