Golden Dream funding 

Funding available to support future Paralympic talent

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, more commonly known as the Goldsmiths' Company, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London. Founded to regulate the craft or trade of the goldsmith, the Goldsmiths' Company has been responsible since 1300 for testing the quality of gold, silver and, from 1975, platinum articles.

The Company has long supported a wide range of charitable areas.  Over the centuries charitable trust funds have been built up within the Goldsmiths' Company through the munificence of a variety of benefactors. Today, following the amalgamation of most of them, there is just one principal charity.

The companys current fundraising initiative allows the RYA to offer grants to those aiming for the 2016 Paralympics and beyond, a real opportunity in making those dreams come true.  The RYA Golden Dream Fund will help with boat purchase, vital boat equipment, events, accessible accommodation, travel and the support of volunteers.

To view guidelines on how to apply for funds from this initiative please see the download to the right of this page.

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Article Published: August 01, 2012 9:57

Article Updated: December 18, 2013 13:24


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