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The heavyweight single-hander

Originating in Finland, the Finn is a one-person, single sail dinghy that has been part of the Olympic Games since 1952. The Finn is an intensely tactical boat in which the top ten places are often seconds apart after several hours racing and the fact that the boat is powerful means that it requires a true athlete to get the most out of it.

In strong winds the boat rewards those who are fit and able to discipline themselves to perform the exhausting task of driving the boat full out while managing the tactical and psychological aspects of the race.

Overall the Finn requires an athlete to be exceptionally fit and strong, outstanding in tactics and familiar with the techniques of sail and rig tuning.


Length: 4.5m (14ft 7in)
Breadth: 1.6m (5ft 2in)
Weight: 140kg (308lb)
Type: Dinghy
Crew: 1
Designer: Richard Sarby
Year: 1952

Beijing 2008 Olympic Results:

Gold: BEN AINSLIE- Great Britain

Silver: Zach Railey - USA

Bronze: Guillaume Florent – France

Athens 2004 Olympic Results:

Gold: BEN AINSLIE - Great Britain

Silver: Rafael Trujillo - Spain

Bronze: Mateusz Kuszierwicz – Poland

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Article Published: May 19, 2009 13:38

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