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The oldest of the Olympic Class boats

The Star was designed in 1911 by Frances Sweisguth and made its first appearance at the Olympic Games in 1932, making it the oldest Olympic Class. It is a highly technical double-handed keelboat and requires both the helm and crew to be in tune with the boat.

The 22ft open keelboat has a highly fragile and ultra sensitive rig, which needs the constant attention of the two crew. Many of the world's top sailors past and present have been involved in the Star Class.


Length: 6.992m (22ft 7in)
Breadth: 1.732m (5ft 6in)
Weight: 671 kg (1479lb)
Type: Keelboat
Crew: 2
Designer: Francis Sweisguth
Year: 1911

Beijing 2008 Olympic Results


Silver: Torben Grael / Bruno Prada - Brazil

Bronze: Fredrik Loof / Anders Ekstrom - Sweden

Athens 2004 Olympic Results

Gold: Torben Grael / Marcelo Ferreira - Brazil

Silver: Ross Macdonald and Mike Wolfs - Canada

Bronze: Xavier Rohart and Pascal Rambeau - France  

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