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Team 15 is a nationwide network of windsurfing clubs where young people aged 15 and under can get together every week to learn new windsurfing skills and have a laugh with their mates on the water.

Join the windsurfing club revolution

Become a Team15 club and join the nationwide network of clubs where the young windsurfers aged 15 and under get together every week to have a great time and learn new skills.

And while they’re enjoying themselves, you’ll be helping to secure the future of windsurfing.

It’s the RYA's aim to grow the number of children in windsurfing and develop their windsurfing ability across our multi-discipline sport.  It is also our aim to feed the RYA performance pathway; the foundation for podium performances at National and International Events and ultimately the Olympic Games.  

But bringing it back down to local level, it's a way in which you can help secure the future of your training centre, windsurfing or sailing club..

Benefits of joining Team15

To start with its an easy and inexpensive way to raise your club profile. And there’s more tangible stuff too…like attracting more kids to your club on a regular basis. And perhaps their families too.

The benefits of the Team15 include:

  • Growing your membership base and ensuring a continuous feed
  • Opportunity to teach families of Team15 sailors
  • Expand the activities and challenges available to your young windsurfers
  • Raise the public profile of your club
  • Increase your volunteer base    
  • Underpin RYA junior and youth competition pathway, producing windsurfing stars of the future
  • Inter-club participation leading to local promotional opportunities
  • Opportunity to become a RYA Champion Club and receive associated benefits

Clubs signed up to Team15 will receive:

  • Free promotional literature including leaflets and posters
  • A free Team15 jacket & buoyancy aid for your head coach
  • Local expert advice and support
  • PR activity in the windsurfing press, plus local and national press opportunties
  • Specific club details published on the RYA/Team15 website

But how much is Team15 going to cost me?

Absolutely nothing since RYA windsurfing training centres have everything in place.

All you need is time, enthusiasm and your commitment to provide:

  • A weekly Team15 club training session
  • Run by a qualified RYA windsurfing instructor under the supervision of a senior instructor
  • Supported by instructors, coaches and volunteers as the club grows

If you are already an RYA training centre for windsurfing and can provide the above, then once you have completed a T15 registration form, your Team15 recognition will follow very quickly.

As your club progresses we would encourage:

  • Your instructors to become RYA Racing Instructors    
  • A small team attendance at the four annual inter-club challenges, building to a full team of 15 
  • Hosting one of the inter-club events, if required

How do I register?

Download a registration form (see downloads), complete, scan and email to or post to the T15 office at the RYA address.

Club funding: 'Friends of...Team15 Club'

Many Team15 clubs would like to apply for funding to improve their club and cater for larger numbers. Whilst Team15 clubs operating out of consituted/RYA affiliated clubs are able to do this quite easily, T15 clubs which operate out of commercial training centres have more difficulty.

Focusing on this latter group we have come up with a concept which we believe will help clubs apply for funding. The 'Friends of...Team15 Club' concept will enable clubs to apply to funding bodies, whilst fulfilling RYA training centre recognitiuon criteria and ensuring that a separate AALA licence and separate club insurance are not required.

The 'Friends of...Team15 Club' would set themselevs up as a charity and apply online to the Charity Commission. With the help of the RYA legal department a 'Friends of...Team15 Club' legal pack has been designed, which should satisfy the Charity Commission online application process. The legal pack documents (1-5 below) can be found in 'Downloads'.

Currently the pack consists of: 

  1. T15 Operating Policy.
  2. Explanation of Suggested Legal Structure and Funding Arrangement (actually part of the above document).
  3. 'Friends of... Team15 Club' Suggested Constitution.
  4. Statement of public benefit to support the registration of the 'Friends of...Team15 Club' as a charity. 
  5. Suggested grant letter from 'Friends of...Team15 Club' to the RYA Training Centre hosting the club (for the purposes of the Team15 Club).

The only other legal document that T15 clubs will need is a booking form for children to be able to join their T15 club. We haven't produced a template version of this since we believe T15 clubs already have their own versions.

Should you have an queries relating to the legal pack, please contact Mandy Peters (Legal Advisor), RYA Legal and Government Affairs Department; telephone 023 80 604225 or email  

Please let us know whether your club has been successful in applying for funding using the 'Friends Of...Team15 Club' concept, to allow us to monitor support for Team15 clubs.

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Article Published: May 19, 2009 12:05

Article Updated: April 22, 2014 15:40


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