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Guidance for Competitors and Race Officials.

Under the umbrella of the Racing Charter, the RYA publishes a range of guidance booklets and notes on the Racing Rules of Sailing and the organisation of racing.

The documents are available free of charge and are described below; to obtain a document, click on the associated (underlined) link.

The ‘Racing Rules Guidance’ and ‘Misconduct: A Reference for Race Officials’ booklets are available as eBooks from the RYA eBooks app. They are also available for download as pdf files, however the eBook versions are strongly recommended because they provide automatic updates, ensuring that your version is always up to date.


Racing Rules Guidance

(pdf version)

This booklet contains guidance notes on numerous topics of interest to competitors and race officials under the following categories: ·

For details of the documents in each category, click on the associated link.



The RYA Case Book

 Including the abstracts of the ISAF cases.  




Misconduct: A Reference for Race Officials

(pdf version)

Being asked to deal with unacceptable behaviour is one of the most difficult but important jobs in our sport. This guide is a comprehensive reference for all race officials, but in particular, judges and protest committees.



Race Management Guide

 Best practice and aide memoire for race officers.



Championship Results

Guidance on delivering a high-quality results service at championship events.

Gate Marks

Guidance on the use of gate marks.

 Gate Starts

Guidance on how to operate a gate start.

Information for Observers at Hearings

Guidance for the protest committee about, and information for, observers at protest hearings.

Information to Competitors from the Protest Committee

Suggested texts that the protest committee may want to post for competitors at an event.

Judging and Umpiring

Best practice for judges and umpires at events of varying levels and importance.

Photography at Events

Guidelines for RYA race officials on taking and publishing images of competitors at events.

Race Officials Code of Conduct

Guidance on expected levels of behaviour and practice for RYA race officials during events

Club Notice of Race 

The Notice of Race (NoR) is a requirement of the RRS and exists to set out the conditions under which the racing will be run.  It allows a competitor to decide whether they wish to participate or not, and to understand (and therefore plan) the general structure of the racing.