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Racing Rules of Sailing 

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The Rules and RYA Prescriptions
The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are revised and published every four years by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the international authority for the sport.
The RYA decides appeals on the interpretation of the rules arising from events in the UK. Anyone considering an appeal is advised to study rule 70 and the RYA Prescription to rule R2.1 and R2.4
ISAF Racing Rules Questions & Answers
Q&As can be viewed on the ISAF website. See the link on the right to access the ISAF Q&A service.
RYA Anti-Doping Information
In accordance with RRS 5 and ISAF Regulation 21, the RYA Rules and Procedures for Anti-Doping are as follows - using the link on the right hand side.
RYA Protest Forms
Please see the links on the right to download the RYA Protest Forms and the Rules Disputes guidance note.
Racing Rules Committee
The RYA appoints the Racing Rules Committee whose task is (a) To interpret and apply the RRS in the UK (b) To establish the RYA Prescriptions to the RRS (c) To decide appeals ......
RYA Case Book
The RYA Cases are selected from the appeal cases and are intended to enhance or clarify understanding of the rules.
Rules Advisory Service
The RYA provides an advisory service to help individuals, clubs, classes and other organisations with their interpretation of the racing rules.
Rules Disputes Process
The RYA has a structured process in place for dealing with incidents whilst racing on the water.


RRS Appenix J, Addendum A (RYA)

PDF, 118 KB

Protest Form (PDF) version

PDF, 159 KB

Protest Form (word) version

DOC, 427 KB

RYA Anti-Doping Information

PDF, 163 KB

Rules Disputes Guidance Note

PDF, 252 KB

Drink coasters questions

PPTX, 458 KB

Drinks coasters answers

PDF, 159 KB

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