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Club Conference & Club Development Workshops 

The RYA in the Midlands run a number of conferences and workshops in the region each year. The aim of these is to not only inspire clubs and centres with ideas and best practice, but to also give everyone the chance to meet and chat to the people within the RYA, both locally and nationally, who can you achieve your goals.

RYA Affiliated Clubs Conference

Launched in 2015, the Affiliated Clubs Conference has proved a popular addition to the RYA’s club support programme.

All RYA Affiliated Clubs are invited to the free conference all-day event where speakers, workshops, one-to-one clinics and networking all dissolve into one melting pot of invaluable information and support.

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The next annual conference is scheduled for November 2017 where clubs, once again, will be able to share best practice and learn how to use all the expertise available through RYA affiliation to maximise the benefits for their members.

Gareth Brookes, RYA Regional Development Officer for the Midlands, said: “It’s always an incredibly busy day with a wealth of knowledge and expertise for clubs to tap into, covering everything from legal issues to increasing participation.

“The conference provides a fantastic one-stop shop for any club wanting to stay vibrant and build strong foundations for the future.

“Sailing is a dynamic sport and the world it operates in - be it the demands on your club members from work and family life, or the requirements of grant organisations and the law - is changing all the time. For any club wanting to stay at the top of its game the conference is a must-do event.”

The day normally concludes with a summary, handouts and a quiz with prizes!

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