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RYA Champion Club 

As part of its drive to increase the number of clubs providing high quality junior and youth race training programmes, the RYANI works in partnership with sailing clubs through the RYA Champion Club Scheme to help them establish or enhance their junior race training programmes. The key challenge for the sport is to encourage more young people to start participating in sailing and then progressing with their racing careers. This is best done at Club level and a successful Junior and Youth Programme will enable a club to flourish.

  • Continuously recruiting young sailors into the sport at the right age for them to have the best chances of achieving success in the future.
  • Recruiting, training and contracting in coaches to support the delivery of club programmes.
  • Providing a safe training and racing environment.
  • Increasing the level of parental volunteer support.
  • Making the best use of the Class Open Training programmes and open competition circuits.
  • The structure of the club programme to optimise the development of young sailors and retain them.
  • Promoting the programme.
  • Securing additional financial support resources.

For further details on the process of becoming a RYA Champion Club, or if you are an existing Champion Club who would like further information on the scheme, please contact Mary Farrell or visit RYA Champion Club.

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