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420 Squad 

laser squad

Class: 420 Squad

Type: Double Hander

Recommended max Age: U18 in the year of selection

Weight range: 105-130 kgs

Head Coach: Barry McCartin


  • Build upon skills learnt at Junior level and focus on Long Term Sailor Development principles of Train to Train;
  • Develop individual sailors who show most potential to progress to National Squads and ultimately win medals in the future;
  • Develop teamwork and build upon developing responsibility;
  • Develop principles of fitness, posture, core stability and injury prevention;
  • Learn to balance school work and other commitments;
  • Increase experiences at UK/ International Championships for development. 

Squad Format

  • 6 weekends Training with Squad Coaches from October to August with Squad Coaches;
  • Squad orientation day and fitness testing to learn about the format and build on skills to become a performance sailor;
  • Advice and feedback provided and Squad Reviews to allow sailors to Plan and Review training and competition;
  • Event Support provided at named overseas events to progress skills and performances;

How to Apply

  • Read the Squad Selection policy
  • Compete at the outlined Squad Indicator Series
  • Fill out an online application form to register your interest
  • Squad selections are normally made in October of each year

Selection Policy

Youth Squad Selection Policy

 Indicator  Event  Date Venue

Indicator 1

ILCA IRL National Ranking*

9th - 11th August

Howth Yacht Club

Indicator 2

 RYANI Youth Championships

24th & 25th September

Strangford Lough Yacht Club
Indicator 3  Training & Selection Weekend  22nd & 23rd October Ballyholme Yacht Club
Indicator 4 Open Training 17th & 18th September Strangford Lough Yacht Club

Online Application

*NOTE: Due to the transition nature from junior classes, previous results from other classes will be considered but attendance to the remaining Indicator Events is compulsory. RYANI reserve the right to add further indicator events if the selectors deem it necessary. Racing may be held on the training and selection weekend to help finalise places. Online Application Online Application will be available from 5th September 2016 Training Programme (provisional and subject to change)

Squad Schedule (provisional and subject to change)

Squad Session Dates   Venue
420 Squad Orientation 5th November

Bangor Grammar School

 420 Squad Orientation  6th November Ballyholme Yacht Club
420 Squad 1

12th & 13th November

Ballyholme Yacht Club

420 Squad 2

26th & 27th November

Ballyholme Yacht Club

 420 Squad 3   Early Spring 2017


Squad Fitness 2 January

420 Squad 4 Early Spring 2017  
420 Squad 5 Early Spring 2017  
420 Squad 6 June/ July  

 420 Squad

  • ...... 

Further Links

Irish 420 Class Association

GBR 420 Class Association

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