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    Champion Club 

    The RYA Champion Club Programme was launched in 1997 and since its inception it has recognised and promoted and invested in those Clubs which have continually introduced young people into sail racing and encouraged them to progress via good quality race training in a safe and fun environment. By 2013 approximately 10% of all UK sailing clubs have become RYA Champion Clubs, all recognised as centres of excellence for junior and youth training and racing. In Scotland we currently have 14 Champion Clubs.

    These clubs are the foundation of our sport and are instrumental in developing the next generation of sailors, safeguarding the future of not only our vibrant and popular sport but also the next generation of Olympic sailors. Over the past 15 years, clubs that initially reached the standard and fulfilled the criteria to achieve RYA Champion Club status have not been required to demonstrate that they continue to meet these standards. Upon consultation current RYA Champion Clubs felt there needed to be a “revalidation” process, to ensure that the integrity of the programme was maintained and that clubs continued to operate within safe guidelines.  In response to this and the changing framework we operate in the RYA intend to introduce an annual re-validation process. Hence in March 2013, all RYA Champion Clubs, which were awarded prior to 1 January 2012, are invited to reapply to remain RYA Champion Clubs and continue to access the benefits and retain the status. The revalidation process will entail a simple form within which the club confirm they meet the criteria required of a RYA Champion Club.

    The RYA Champion Club programme continues to be the very foundation of the RYA and RYA Scotland Junior and Youth Racing Programme and the very bedrock of the British Olympic Sailing Team, hence we will strive to continue to offer relevant benefits to RYA Champion Clubs as and when they become available.

    RYA Champion Club Current Benefits

    There are many continued benefits to being a RYA Champion Club, some of which include:

    • Branding and “Centre of Excellence” Status for junior race training and racing – promotion by the RYA as an ideal venue to take young sailors in order to get them started and develop their skills,
    • Advice and Support from RYA Scotland
    • Subsidised Level 2 Race Coach courses,
    • Access to coaching resources,
    • Free access to conferences and key speaker presentations.

    We anticipate that clubs will have questions about the refined RYA Champion Club programme, and the re-application/re-validation process.

    For more information about the RYA Champion Club Programme please contact:

    Liza Linton, RYA Scotland Development Manager

    Tel: 0131 317 4610

    Mobile: 07770 604234                                                      


    Current RYA Champion Clubs

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