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Download the free 'RYA Books' app for your chosen platform below in order to access RYA eBooks. All our eBook editions will have a free taster which you can download and browse; this will give you an insight into the ways we have enhanced the digital version.

We strongly recommend you download our free 'RYA Books' app before making any purchase to check compatibility with your device. For more information about technical requirements, please have a look at our eBook devices page.

Where to download the 'RYA Books' app

App stores

iTunes app store

'RYA Books' app for iOS devices (iPad/iPhone) 

Google Play store
'RYA Books' app for Android devices

Amazon Kindle store
'RYA Books' for Kindle Fire devices

Desktop app

PC Version
'RYA Books' Desktop app for PC

Mac Version
'RYA Books' Desktop app for Mac 

Buying an eBook edition

1. In-App

The full versions are available to buy from within the iOS (Apple) and Android 'RYA Books' apps.

If you buy through Apple, Google or Amazon the record is kept with them and you can access them on any number of devices but only within the particular Apple, Google or Amazon platform.

2. Through www.rya.org.uk/shop

You can also buy from our webshop where you will receive login details which you can use across any of the platforms listed above. You then enter these details (and remain logged in) on any of the 'RYA Books' apps above and then the eBook you’ve bought will have the word ‘subscribed’ under the cover image. This indicates that you’ve already bought this and you can then download your eBook. You can access your downloaded eBooks without being connected to the internet as long as you remain logged in.

Advantages of buying through our website:

  • Access your eBooks on all platforms we support
  • Take advantage of any applicable RYA discount but you’ll be limited to using your login on only 3 devices
  • Sync notes and bookmarks across platforms

We’ve designed this to be flexible so the choice is yours!

RYA Books app


Wherever possible we are pricing the eBooks at the same level as the printed versions but be aware that Apple has price tiers which don’t always make this possible so we’ll get it as close as we can.

While we’re unable to offer members a discount for editions bought through iOS and Android, when buying eBooks from our webshop RYA members will be able to take advantage of their discount.

Push Notifications (iOS)

When you download the app you will be asked if you’re happy to accept “push notifications” from the RYA. This will only be used to notify you when a new edition is ready to view/download and is designed to help keep you informed.

If you have already downloaded the app and wish to enable this facility all you need to do is enable badges/alerts within the notifications tab in the settings menu on your Apple device.

RYA Books app

Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions, comments or feedback. Similarly, if you find any bugs or have any problems with the app please email ebooks@rya.org.uk

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Article Published: July 26, 2011 14:08

Article Updated: March 26, 2015 12:03


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