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Zoom Image RYA European Waterways Regulations - 2nd Edition
European Waterways Regulations
Waterways Regulations for Europe
RYA European Waterways Regulations
RYA European Waterways Regulations - 2nd Edition

RYA European Waterways Regulations - 2nd Edition

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  • Item Author: Tam Murrell
  • Publisher: RYA
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 80
  • Dimensions: 210 x 148mm
  • Edition: 2012 (reprinted: 2016)
  • ISBN: 9781906435875
  • Product Code: G17
  • Delivery cost: £1.50 to the UK by Royal Mail
  • Delivery time: within 5 working days (UK)*

Product Information

This is the RYA’s official title to support the CEVNI test to assist with the level of understanding needed to pass the test, which is a legal requirement (as well as carrying a CEVNI book on board) when using the European inland waterways. 
The CEVNI code which was devised by the United Nations in 1985 and governs navigation on all interconnected European inland waterways was established to enable boatmen of all nationalities to communicate, and to understand what is going on without the need to speak each other’s language.
This new edition of RYA European Waterways Regulations has been fully updated and is essential reading for anyone taking the CEVNI qualification. The exciting new colourful format, with user-friendly text and illustrations, enables the reader to find information quickly – a perfect learning tool and reference. Key chapters include:

  • Visual Signs
  • Rules of the Road (particularly blue boarding)
  • Sample CEVNI test questions

Our author Tam Murrell has been boating for business and pleasure since the late 1950s ranging from working narrow boats and barges on UK inland waters to small coasters trading in and around the Thames estuary and into northern Europe. Since 1995 he and his wife Di have spent much of their time on continental waterways on their 24m Dutch barge, and run a barge-handling school in France for RYA and French qualifications.

Also available as an eBook

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Well illustrated with colour pictures and graphics, the book covers all the need-to-know codes, the sound signs, visuals, signals, navigation lights and day marks, buoyage, berthing and rules of the road. Sailing for Southern Africa, June 2013.

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