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Give Your Customers RYA Vouchers

RYA Vouchers are accepted by over 300 Training Centres around the UK and abroad (see above link to find these). They give you a unique way of providing RYA Training along with your product. What better way to incentivise your product to your customers And one they'll thank you for in the long run.

The Flexible Way To Give RYA Training

RYA Vouchers are available in values of 10, 20, 50 and 100, so you can give Vouchers appropriate to the level of purchase and to suit your budget. We have many recorded instances of people going on courses motivated by receving a relatively modest value of Vouchers, and are happy to make up the extra cost themselves.

I Don't Want To Give Vouchers To People Who Are Not Going To Use Them Though...

We can supply you with a template for a Voucher Certificate. You can customise this and tailor it to your needs, adding the value of Vouchers that you wish to provide for your customer. When your customer accepts your offer, you can place an order with us. We'll do the rest for you (if you wish) and send the Vouchers out in a classy presentation wallet.

Can I Get A Discount?

We offer discounts based on cumulative sales volume in a financial year (April - March), with the discount rate determined as follows:

  • Sales volume > 1,000 = 3% discount
  • Sales volume > 2,500 = 4% discount
  • Sales volume > 5,000 = 5% discount

Larger discounts for higher sales volumes are availale on request. Discounts are calculated on the sales volume in any given financial year and are paid by means of a credit note on a quarterly basis.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you would like to find out more about how your company can benefit from using RYA Vouchers, please contact RYA Publications by email or phone 442380 604244

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