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Applying for or renewing an ICC

How to apply for your first ICC and information about the renewal process.

Please allow 21 days for the certificate to be issued. Regrettably we are unable to respond to requests to check the progress of your ICC application within the first 14 days of this period.

If you require your ICC sooner a Fast Track Service is available which guarantees a 2 working day turnaround from the date we receive your application.

Applying for your first ICC

To obtain an ICC, you must complete an ICC application form in full and sign the declaration. You can download the ICC application form from the website or request a copy from the RYA Certification Department.

This should be sent to the RYA Certification Department, together with:

  • a passport sized photograph (with your name on the reverse);
  • evidence that your nationality does not preclude you from being issued with an ICC by the RYA;
  • evidence of your competence for all requested categories (ensuring relevant sections of the application form have been signed to say you have passed the ICC assessment or the ICC CEVNI test, if applicable, and photocopies of any certificates you are presenting as evidence); and
  • payment (including the fast track fee if required)

Renewing an ICC

The ICC is valid for 5 years.

Unless you wish to have additional categories added to your ICC, the renewal process is simply a paper exercise.

Assuming the RYA has your correct address, shortly before your ICC is due to expire, you will receive notification of how to renew it by post. If you have moved, or your renewal notification does not arrive, you can download the ICC renewal form from the website or request a copy from the RYA Certification Department.

If you choose to renew, your new certificate, valid for a further 5 years, will be issued with the same categories validated as your existing certificate. The only exception to this is for certificates issued prior to 1st April 1999, where certificates will only be re-validated for inland waters if we have proof that the applicant has passed the ICC CEVNI test. This is a multiple choice test, which can be taken on-line, at an RYA recognised training centre or an affiliated club authorised to carry out the test.

Should you require any further categories validated you will need to pass the appropriate ICC assessment or provide the necessary documentary evidence of competence.

You will also need to provide evidence of your continued eligibility to apply for an ICC.


Issue of the ICC is free of charge for existing RYA members. You can also join the RYA at the same time as you apply for the ICC and you will receive the ICC free of charge. This is often cheaper than paying for the certificate to be issued (see the ICC application form for the current fee which is the same for new applications and renewals).

Fast Track Service

The Fast Track Service guarantees a 2 working day turnaround from the date we receive your application. The UK ICC issued by the RYA can only be issued at the RYA head office in Hamble and the Fast Track fee is also payable if you visit the RYA in Hamble in person.

The cost of the Fast Track Service can be found on page 4 of the ICC application form and on page 2 of the ICC renewal form. A reduced fee is charged to RYA members. 

New Zealand

Special arrangements are in place for applications from New Zealand through the New Zealand Coastguard Boating Education Service.


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