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Racing Rules Guidance

Under the umbrella of its Racing Charter, the RYA provides guidance on the Racing Rules of Sailing. The guidance offered is the opinion of experts and is not a binding interpretation of the rules, nor will it be appropriate for all racing.

1. Guidance Books

The RYA has produced two guidance books which are available free of charge from this page. They will be updated as required. 

Both books are available as an eBook in the RYA eBooks app. They are also available for download as pdf files, however the eBook version is recommended as it provides automatic updates, ensuring that your version is always up to date.

For the eBook versions. click here

For the pdf versions, click here

Both books are also available in World Sailing’s rules app – find out more at

RYA Case Book

The RYA Case Book contains illustrative and persuasive, but not binding, interpretations and explanations of the rules.

RYA Racing Rules Guidance

The RYA Racing Rules Guidance book contains three categories of guidance:



Misconduct Guidance is now available on World Sailing's Website 

2. Other Guidance

3. Advisory Services

The RYA also provides advisory services. The RYA Racing Rules Committee provides an advisory service to help individuals, protest committees, clubs, classes and other organisations with their interpretation of the racing rules. This is intended to offer prompt informal advice without the delays inherent in a formal appeal. The RYA Race Management Committee provides advice on race management issues, including the writing of notices of race and sailing instructions. 

The RYA Racing Charter and its application can be found on the RYA Racing Charter web page and at the front of the RYA edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020.

Details of other RYA racing rules publications can be found on the back page of the guidance books.

Comments or questions are welcome and should be made by email to the RYA at


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