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Reporting Incidents

RYA Cymru Wales assures all volunteers that it will fully support and protect anyone who, in good faith reports his or her concerns about the possibility that a child may be being abused.

Child abuse concerns can arise in many different situations and contexts. It is not the role of anyone within the sport to investigate possible child abuse concerns but it is essential that everyone clearly understands the action that must be taken. For further detail please see the RYA Cymru Wales reporting flow chart in this section.

RYA Cymru Wales have an RYA Incident Report Form which clearly guides you through what information needs to be collected, this form is also available in this section.

What do I do is a child tells me something worrying?

If a child discloses that they or another young person is being abused, the person receiving the information should:

RYA Champion Club

Report your concerns to the Welfare Officer within your Club.

If they are not available, report the matter directly to the RYA Child Protection Co-ordinator. Contact Jackie Reid on 023 8060 4104 or e-mail

Everyone has a legal and moral responsibility to respond to any concerns about the welfare of young people.

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